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Sunday, November 27, 2011

talk and learn.

i've always talk about others (or something) then i realize there are things i could learn from it.recently i told my sister that so and so had just married to a freaking hot young man.she is now very thin compared to few years back.''eh si s tu kan ai suka tgk dia chubby,lg comel dr skang.kurus sgt,cm xkenal dh.'' suka ati ak je ckp cm2 kn.then its like a flash into my mind that,''oh maybe i'm just like that too.better chubby and cute than thinner.hahaha.anyway amizan still loves me no matter how big i am.'' ok that was a lie.the last sentence.of course amizan will like the thinner version.everyone prefer a healthy partner.slightly obese is acceptable?haha.i'm trying to loose some stubborn pounds.trying harder every day.n i learn that now i am more health conscious,i mean More knowledge.this is the advantage of being me.i love me.i love amizan who loves me.

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