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Sunday, August 19, 2012

tiffany blue and pink

my favorite color updated!

when i was 19, i love brown so much -coz my ex used to love this color :D i thought the color-or the person who loves this color is maturely ermmmm understanding, caring and unique? bhahaha

when i was a little girl, i love green.......and i spent a lot of time gardening.

at the age of  20, i started to like deep purple..or any purple in general. and i've learnt later that people who love purple are funny! :)

turning 24 in 2012, favorite color changes to tiffany blue and pink!

anyone who wear this looks fabulous!

boys can wear pink, depends on the shades-of his skin tone and the pink itself

couple looks great in tiffany blue coz the color is damn sweet and rare.
today is 1st syawal and i love to see men in baju melayu.everytime i see one, i give the ratings.haha

happy eid everyone. may this raya bring us bunches of love, blessings, and every good things.


bukan niatku meretak hati
cuma ku tak sanggup bersulam mimpi saban hari
bukan maaf yg ku pinta
karna ku tahu diri ini tidak layak menerima

hati jauh

hati kosong

hati bukan yang itu lagi

ak tak tau dimana nak cari

rasa cinta itu lagi

~~~~~~~~~~~kosong..kosong.. :'(