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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i agree with a saying which is,'when a door closed,another door opens'. Unlike my other classmates who either have been employed,doing dpli,or pursuing masters, i was unemployed for months.i attended interviews but didnt get any positive result. For a moment,i was demotivated bcause i thought i wasnt employed due to my weaknessess.i thought i wasnt a preferable candidate who can fill in their company's vacancy. However, after attending SL1M pnb ib, my perception changed. Some of the trainers are outstanding and inspiring.i've learnt a lot of things in this prgram. Some of the topics might not related to my background of study,but the knowledge i get is definitely useful for my everyday fact,i think some of the topic like 'cents and sensibility' should be done at undrgraduate level,provided by the university itself.before venturing into working world,our graduates should be financially aware or able to plan their salary expenditure. Other than that,i was impressed by a number of trainers who did perform very well in their topic. I regret that i couldnt recall any of my school teachers who have taught me in such enjoyable environment. What i remember was,i did felt terribly unhappy when certain teacher came in and teach us.they threaten us,scold,or even shout at us-if they didnt satisfied with our performance.they dont left any inspiring character in my memory.provided the fact that i didnt hv much interest in their subjects,i couldnt get good result.i was demotivated and unable to make improvement.i hv to bear the pain to be left behind.all in all,i live in misery at tht moment. so when i met jude,madam kit and others at pnb,i feel its a bless to be in their class.the opportunity to be selected for the prgram is already a gift from i didnt regret or feel sorry for my unemployment bfore this.if u feel that you havent got anything you asked frm THE GOD, JUST BE PATIENT.HE'S PLANNING SOMETHING BETTER FOR YOU,MUCH MORE VALUABLE THAN WHAT U'VE ASKED FROM HIM.TQ ALLAH.ALHAMDULILLAH.

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