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Monday, November 28, 2011

my wedding plan.

wuhuu! Its never too early to plan anything right? Hm..i'm turning 24 next year (but still have the sweet-20-looks) and i'm thinking to settle down in a cozy home with a person called a husband.yeah.a strong,healthy, and sweet kind of a husband.i mean i've got one,named amizan from melaka. :p and yes.i always fight with him.say bad things about him yet he's the only one stays in the deepest,most exclusive,the coziest room in my heart. For that reason i should hv a plan for us.get a nice home, so we can live closer and fight even more.hehehe. 1st, i want a honeymoon at universal studio,singapore.3days at 5star hotel have fun at the theme park. Our wedding should be held at cherating resort.with close families and friends.then at melaka, a resort near his home would be fine.the theme would be classic romantic and the colour is white! I wana wear a princess gown.wuhuu! Amizan will look great in a tuxedo.phew..cant wait to see that.seriously! oo God,we pray for ur blessing and please make these come true.amin.

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