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Monday, September 3, 2012


people come and go in your life

some left with good memories...

others give you scars...

but this time around, i don't know when the heart could stop bleeding :(
:( :(

i didn't have a regret though..since my decision was all rational..

I'll be fine.............. :(

i'll be fine............... :(
I'll be strong enough not to hold on our memories... :'(

Sunday, August 19, 2012

tiffany blue and pink

my favorite color updated!

when i was 19, i love brown so much -coz my ex used to love this color :D i thought the color-or the person who loves this color is maturely ermmmm understanding, caring and unique? bhahaha

when i was a little girl, i love green.......and i spent a lot of time gardening.

at the age of  20, i started to like deep purple..or any purple in general. and i've learnt later that people who love purple are funny! :)

turning 24 in 2012, favorite color changes to tiffany blue and pink!

anyone who wear this looks fabulous!

boys can wear pink, depends on the shades-of his skin tone and the pink itself

couple looks great in tiffany blue coz the color is damn sweet and rare.
today is 1st syawal and i love to see men in baju melayu.everytime i see one, i give the ratings.haha

happy eid everyone. may this raya bring us bunches of love, blessings, and every good things.


bukan niatku meretak hati
cuma ku tak sanggup bersulam mimpi saban hari
bukan maaf yg ku pinta
karna ku tahu diri ini tidak layak menerima

hati jauh

hati kosong

hati bukan yang itu lagi

ak tak tau dimana nak cari

rasa cinta itu lagi

~~~~~~~~~~~kosong..kosong.. :'(

Sunday, July 8, 2012

yesterday was a big day for my best school mate. Farah zaihan and uda, congrats and live happily ever after ;) yesterday was also my very first long journey as a driver.jengka-kuantan is a long way to go. hahaha. i'm so nervous but everything went well. thanks to my brother who was assigned to pick up any calls and read my text messages while i'm busy handling the wheels. i don't recommend anyone using their mobile phone while driving, that's the number 1 rule in my driving life. NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING! so this tuesday would be my second travel to kl,with daddy's car. travelling with a public transport nowadays could be very tiring and time consuming. i'm tired of cursing while waiting for my ktm to arrive, because it took years to come at the station and when it arrived, it is fully loaded! thanks to my mum who never get tired of pushing me to the fullest :P she is the one who makes me driving with my trembling reluctance didn't stop her in any way.near or far, in the rain or under the hot sun, and i gradually become confident. no pain no gain! adios

Thursday, June 21, 2012

when you fail countless times, and you still don't want to give up.yet.

Today I had spent hours in the kitchen to bake a cake. and the result was just as miserable as always been. that was my mistake. i couldnt help myself from using my own recipe instead of what have been written in the book. however, my heart says this failure is not the end of the baking passion in my life. i will definitely try again, again and again.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

your childhood hobbies, (and still doing it!)

yes! i read books since i was at the primary school. still remember the times when my older sister brought home a number of storybooks from the library. charles dicken's, treasure island, fairy tales.. and i'm glad i started young and still doing it. of course, now 'books' are more convenient, you can read it while lying on your bed, with the lights off, ^^, yea..i love my xpress music damn much. i read a lot when i have you darling! apart from reading, what next? CLAY! haha.i used to make cooking pots with these. then when i come across play doh, i made lots of miniature with the age of 24, i got a few little mushrooms on my desk at the office. for me it is an art that not many people understand. :) okay finish with reading and playing play doh, there are also few favorite things that grow up with me. a passion for flowers, fish, dresses, colors and many more! ...i've written mine, and how about you?

Monday, June 4, 2012

First thing to do when you wake up every morning

Salam everyone. What a wonderful morning! I still have cloth on my back A roof to cover my head Fresh Free air to breath a healthy body that can walk, watch tv and cook delicious food for family :P we should be thankful every morning we wake up from our sleep. some people cannot even make it, they died in their sleep (and we dont know what happen in their next chapter -_- ) some people wake up and started to grumble. they have everything but see nothing good. Today I'm glad I'm at home, with my parents, younger brother and sister. The status is partially unemployed, but i'm still happy. mummy and daddy needs me at home, and its my responsibility to take good care of the family. Reminiscing the good old days in CCD,PNB, my heart sank. I love every bit of time i had spent there. :( Previously I posted a picture of a guy standing with his squash racket right? He is my so-called supervisor a.k.a teacher. It is 'is' because I still regard him as my teacher, the one that inspire and guide me to do everything in CCD. He might be cynical and his jokes might hurt in the deepest of your heart, but he is nice the way he is. He has 25 years of experience with PNB and is planning to stay until retirement! I can say that he is a good example of a punctual and dedicated employee. Very passionate in his job and will be more than happy to share his knowledge. Thanks for the lovely present and memorabilia Hope I can work with you again en.lan. Miss CCD so much!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

ptg nanti i akan update pasal si dia dlm gambar nih. siapakah beliau? apakah beliau mempunyai kepentingan dlm idup i? ha nantikan. caw bebeh, mummy da panggil suh masak ikan keli berlada.fuh

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finally I said goodbye and step out of the cozy office which is also my second home since the internship of SL1M. i thought it was a curse to be a trainee in such a hectic department, at least in the first two months. ", but the fun started to show up when SARA 1Malaysia was due to be launched.At PWTC and TAnjong Karang. i LOve to be outdoor. (for some reason, i think that is what i meant to be, an active outdoor employee!) then.. I started to prepare the MC text, mc text and mc text.memo's, official letter, BQ-bill of quantity, tender evaluation n etc. ................. minggu saham at kota kinabalu, sabah. where i develop fancy feelings for my colleagues hahah and now all i can remember is the farewell and definitely the best days throughout the internship. all the hardship, the pain i've gone through were replaced by the best positive feelings.
i miss u guys, truly,madly,deeply.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012, a few days to go!

May 18 is coming and my internship will end soon. Guess what? i couldn't believe that i have the feeling of unwillingness-to-leave PNB. Who would leave a family for another home, which you are not sure of finding the same warmth, and love anywhere else? yes CCD is a family. and my job is a love too. i love being here. i love my bosses. i love everyone. i love what I've learn. my experiences were priceless. en. lan, thanks for being my teacher. a fussy and funny teacher. a cynical teacher. abg hanafi, thanks for being a great brother. a protector, my savior. will miss u lot :'( en. li, ur passion in teaching and ur caringness had touch my bottom heart. no one could say bad things about u. they simply cannot. coz u dont deserve it. u remind me of someone i want to be, a teacher, a lecturer, who are very inspiring and likeable. eyes are brimming with tears as i write about them. :'( :'( :'( all CCDs.... i couldnt say goodbye.................... yet. :'(