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Sunday, November 13, 2011

how to loose that ugly pounds on ur belly and thighs.

i'm not going to answer that for you. Google it,ask people about it,or find any sources available(for instance watch the biggest loser while having a pretty bowl of ice cream on ur lap and a mounting plate of fries on your hands). Seriously,if i knew the answer,i wont be struggling to loose a couple of pounds for the past few years. Its an endless journey,a painfull one because everytime people mention about your additional 'size',they broke your heart.its also an irony for the person who had critisized and ruin your day is not that pretty at all. Sometimes i want to fight back and curse right on their faces. But that will only make no difference between us.she choses to break people's heart but i chose to be good.unaffected.yes,i'm good!

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