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Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 wishlist

1.shed early march
2.own a house by the end of the start saving 2k per month!

3.get maarried at the resort

4.honeymoon at perhentian
or korea!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

bermula episod diet kaw2 punyer!

Today is my second day...i have to believe that i had cut down 50% of my daily food and carbo consumption!

The strategy is...only 20g of carbo from selected food is allowed. As such, on my first day...i took an apple(not recommended) as a beginning and a plain water for breakfast. Lapar hokey pukul 10. then amik sesudu dua oat and sesudu horlick untuk mengatasi kelaparan yg menyengat. then for luch, i took fried sambal fish and a handful of sambal tempe-my favorita! For dinner I fried an ikan sembilang and half ikan kembong to be dipped in sambal kicap...pergh heaven. never know such simple menu could end up very nice in my mouth and sufficient for my appetite.

Breakfast with 2 village eggs-half boiled with sprinkle of black pepper-kelas kau jah!
glasses of plain water

lunch at 3:45p.m
I ordered sup campur at bistro next to my office. thank God its delicious.
and a glass of plain water.

2 pieces of fried tauhu dipped in sambal kicap too, and guess what, to my surprise, its heaven too!
have already decided to entitle this menu into snack or breakfast.-but have to recheck its amount of carbo.
and another masterpiece for my dinner today--as a self reward for my Atkins diet--a boiled siakap with broccoli. :) so simple and walla! sambil masak and makan i thank God for giving me a slightly overweight issue to handle. now i know what to choose, what to cook, what is healthy what is not. i even learnt to swim! --a fobia i never thought to overcome in my life! See..He tested me with a tiny hardship and gives a better, magnificent present in return. alhamdulillah. dengan ini ak tau..amizan walau dia kenal ak sejak ak kerempeng sehinggalah berbadan tripple..dia tetap setia dan semakin cinta. itu anugerah yg tak ternilai. alhamdulillah syukur pada Allah..:')

hadiah yg Allah bg tak semestinya dalam bentuk yang kita suka...kerana kita mungkin menyukai sesuatu yang tidak baik untuk kita..Allah saja yg lebih mengetahui. Doa ak saban hari..jika amizan tercipta untukku Ya Allah jadikanlah kami kuat untuk menghadapi segala rintangan. berikanlah kami kebhagiaan dan peluang untuk membahagiakan org2 yg kami sayangi.amin.

Jika dia bukan untukku....engkau sajalah yg dapat mengubati hati kami.menutup kekecewaan kami.melengkapi kehidupan org yg dicintai.:'(

apasal emo???


Friday, January 18, 2013


hai..ini saya ketika berumur ermm...24?

dan ini saya ketika berumur 24 juga...reaching 25 by this march. :|
argh.saya da xsanggup naik penimbang! selalu angkanya amat mengecewakan. jadi hari ni saya dgn tekad dan azam baruuuuuu.nak DIET! yes! diet. bukan xpernah buat sebelum ni. walhal saya telah mula berdiet sejak sekolah menengah--boleh bayangkan berapa lama? kira. umur 17 tahun da ada kesedaran nk turunkan berat badan.haha. masa tu berat 50kg...kira agak chubby sbb kawan2 lain suma kerempengggg.
wahaha. selama 8 tahun fight nk slim down...acane tu.

saya da berTEKAD! saya nk diet ATKINs pulak. seminggu nak turun 3kg...okey...tak realistik.urmmm. 2kg   seminggu! yes!2kg! jadi perlukan masa selama 5minggu untuk capai turun 10kg..

Ya Allah bantulah hambamu ini. niat hamba nk slim down untuk jaga kesihatan.bila badan sihat otak cergas.boleh kerja dengan optimum.dapat bonus boley pergi umrah dgn mak ayah...and suami(sponser besar) :)

Monday, September 3, 2012


people come and go in your life

some left with good memories...

others give you scars...

but this time around, i don't know when the heart could stop bleeding :(
:( :(

i didn't have a regret though..since my decision was all rational..

I'll be fine.............. :(

i'll be fine............... :(
I'll be strong enough not to hold on our memories... :'(

Sunday, August 19, 2012

tiffany blue and pink

my favorite color updated!

when i was 19, i love brown so much -coz my ex used to love this color :D i thought the color-or the person who loves this color is maturely ermmmm understanding, caring and unique? bhahaha

when i was a little girl, i love green.......and i spent a lot of time gardening.

at the age of  20, i started to like deep purple..or any purple in general. and i've learnt later that people who love purple are funny! :)

turning 24 in 2012, favorite color changes to tiffany blue and pink!

anyone who wear this looks fabulous!

boys can wear pink, depends on the shades-of his skin tone and the pink itself

couple looks great in tiffany blue coz the color is damn sweet and rare.
today is 1st syawal and i love to see men in baju melayu.everytime i see one, i give the ratings.haha

happy eid everyone. may this raya bring us bunches of love, blessings, and every good things.


bukan niatku meretak hati
cuma ku tak sanggup bersulam mimpi saban hari
bukan maaf yg ku pinta
karna ku tahu diri ini tidak layak menerima

hati jauh

hati kosong

hati bukan yang itu lagi

ak tak tau dimana nak cari

rasa cinta itu lagi

~~~~~~~~~~~kosong..kosong.. :'(

Sunday, July 8, 2012

yesterday was a big day for my best school mate. Farah zaihan and uda, congrats and live happily ever after ;) yesterday was also my very first long journey as a driver.jengka-kuantan is a long way to go. hahaha. i'm so nervous but everything went well. thanks to my brother who was assigned to pick up any calls and read my text messages while i'm busy handling the wheels. i don't recommend anyone using their mobile phone while driving, that's the number 1 rule in my driving life. NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING! so this tuesday would be my second travel to kl,with daddy's car. travelling with a public transport nowadays could be very tiring and time consuming. i'm tired of cursing while waiting for my ktm to arrive, because it took years to come at the station and when it arrived, it is fully loaded! thanks to my mum who never get tired of pushing me to the fullest :P she is the one who makes me driving with my trembling reluctance didn't stop her in any way.near or far, in the rain or under the hot sun, and i gradually become confident. no pain no gain! adios