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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

do you know you?

at some moment i could find myself being a child. Attention seeker,reckless,curious,adventurous and quite a spoiled brat. Is easy to pleased and cry a lot. laugh a moment later. Yeah. Thats me. Thank God he had sent me an angel to be my faithful guardian. Imy darling. Truly madly deeply. :(
the biggest regret in life are the word unsaid and the things undone.

Monday, November 28, 2011

si manja mrs junne

sape suka manjakan diri? SaYA! Saya! Saya! Hehe.ptg td sambil2 jalan keluarkan peluh singgah guardian.nano white cleansing milk ni mmg da lama jd idaman.botolnya pn nampak menarik.akhirnya bli juga untuk manjakan kulit yg agak kering guna cleanser johnson 2. 1st time pkai..senang ati sy.hehe.seronok dan semangat bila nk bersihkan muka. Tau x rahsia disebalik tabiat sy yg suka manjakan diri? tiap2 minggu mesti ada brg yg sy bli untuk 'raikan' diri sendri.ini adalah sejenis penghargaan kepada diri sy sygkan diri sy,sy mahukan yg terbaik untuk diri mahu penampilan dri yg menarik,yakin dan berkarisma.cewah..hihihi.but of course i have to spend wisely.meaning that i limit a certain amount on my spending for this indulgence purpose. Don't go overbroad and only buy the things that i really need.quality issue is also taken into consideration.biar mahal ckit affordable, janji puas ati.sentiasa semak/google testimoni produk supaya tau serba sedikit ttg apa yg nk dibeli.jadilah pengguna yg bijak! Sekian. [slmt bekerja esok,minggu kedua,dan semoga lebih baik dr segala sudut ok.gambatte hairiah san!]

my wedding plan.

wuhuu! Its never too early to plan anything right? Hm..i'm turning 24 next year (but still have the sweet-20-looks) and i'm thinking to settle down in a cozy home with a person called a husband.yeah.a strong,healthy, and sweet kind of a husband.i mean i've got one,named amizan from melaka. :p and yes.i always fight with him.say bad things about him yet he's the only one stays in the deepest,most exclusive,the coziest room in my heart. For that reason i should hv a plan for us.get a nice home, so we can live closer and fight even more.hehehe. 1st, i want a honeymoon at universal studio,singapore.3days at 5star hotel have fun at the theme park. Our wedding should be held at cherating resort.with close families and friends.then at melaka, a resort near his home would be fine.the theme would be classic romantic and the colour is white! I wana wear a princess gown.wuhuu! Amizan will look great in a tuxedo.phew..cant wait to see that.seriously! oo God,we pray for ur blessing and please make these come true.amin.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

talk and learn.

i've always talk about others (or something) then i realize there are things i could learn from it.recently i told my sister that so and so had just married to a freaking hot young man.she is now very thin compared to few years back.''eh si s tu kan ai suka tgk dia chubby,lg comel dr skang.kurus sgt,cm xkenal dh.'' suka ati ak je ckp cm2 kn.then its like a flash into my mind that,''oh maybe i'm just like that too.better chubby and cute than thinner.hahaha.anyway amizan still loves me no matter how big i am.'' ok that was a lie.the last sentence.of course amizan will like the thinner version.everyone prefer a healthy partner.slightly obese is acceptable?haha.i'm trying to loose some stubborn pounds.trying harder every day.n i learn that now i am more health conscious,i mean More knowledge.this is the advantage of being me.i love me.i love amizan who loves me.

Friday, November 25, 2011

4th day report on 5th day

can i ask for more everyday? Like an outdoor event management?i'm sick of people complaining and bising2 like the office is theirs.xde etika.nk ckp main laung je.who do think u are? Although i admit that i used to be that emo, i know my limit.heh,i dont shout at people.its really look like you are not professional.hope some1 will teach u manner. I want 2 work outdoor!

Monday, November 21, 2011

my passion

what did i enjoy the most in a job? 1.The opportunity to harness my creativity in finishing a task.2. A task that require me to interact with people in order to organize events.3. I also love to interview people, knowing their life stories and turn them into inspiration. Other than that, I want to be a consultant that changes people's lives for the better.

1st day of attachment

Cc Devision. My first day will be today, November 21,2011. Should hv been in bed now but I got so many things to work on. Why I'm here is to announce my personal mission in accordance of the attachment. What i want is,only a 3 months practical and immediate permanent employment following up. I'll be warm to everybody and never stop smiling regardless how stressful it is. Creative,disciplined,optimist,enthusiastic,InsyaALLAH.AMIN.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

what's left?

in this SL1M PNB INVESTMENT BRIDGING PROGRAMME, i believe i become wiser eachday.people may come and go in your life,but friendship stays.never give up hope till your last breath.when something go wrong even if you believe you hv done your best,trust me,Allah is preparing smthing better for you.put aside the frustration and smile. Life will never taste so sweet if you haven't taste the bitterness~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

how much preparation you have had to be a wife?

just had a few bites on stimmed fish and a number of dates.ops..forgot to turn off the iron.havent finish working on tomorrow's attire.a bunch of washed clothes are waiting to be hang.should hv started reading fimm notes an hour much things to do after a busy day.yeah its busy coz it has been a week since i went to office by the stupid lrt.very tiring and expensive!bravo to my collegues who had survive for almost 2months using these public transport. With all the responsibilities waiting for me after office hours,i always wonder: if i'm complaining of workloads for one person,how would it be when i suddenly hv additional workloads frm a person called husband.? Nooo..even my clothes are not properly arranged how could i manage another messss..uwa..tired tired!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

how to loose that ugly pounds on ur belly and thighs.

i'm not going to answer that for you. Google it,ask people about it,or find any sources available(for instance watch the biggest loser while having a pretty bowl of ice cream on ur lap and a mounting plate of fries on your hands). Seriously,if i knew the answer,i wont be struggling to loose a couple of pounds for the past few years. Its an endless journey,a painfull one because everytime people mention about your additional 'size',they broke your heart.its also an irony for the person who had critisized and ruin your day is not that pretty at all. Sometimes i want to fight back and curse right on their faces. But that will only make no difference between us.she choses to break people's heart but i chose to be good.unaffected.yes,i'm good!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

last day of bangauing ever

tonite would be the last day i want to blame others over my miserable life.i blame my dad who didnt allow me to play with other kids at my dad was so furious and unreachable.i only talked to him about few things in a month. There was a huge gap among,i want to blame my highschool teachers who were emotional n uninspiring.i was more terrified than motivated to learn in certain critical subjects.i havent perform very well in that subjects and my mom compared my result to my that time,i was too sad to celebrate my good achievement in other subjects. When i was at university to pursue my 1st dgree,i felt so much relieved coz i think i get my life back.i took charge on my money,my activities,my courses and my friends.i no longer under the watchful eyes of my family especially my parents. I blame my family for not giving enough room to make my own decision in life.i blame the people who said i am fat,i've gain weight or watever.i bounce that irritating n hurtfull remarks on them.i hope they will turn out to be wat they hv critisize.or even worst. Ok this is the final day of bangauing ever.after 0:00 am today,i will take charge of myself.take responsibilities of my failures and optimistic in achieving my goals.i forgive who ever hv insulted me,make me angry,break my heart or critisize me.this is the final day of bangauing ever.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i agree with a saying which is,'when a door closed,another door opens'. Unlike my other classmates who either have been employed,doing dpli,or pursuing masters, i was unemployed for months.i attended interviews but didnt get any positive result. For a moment,i was demotivated bcause i thought i wasnt employed due to my weaknessess.i thought i wasnt a preferable candidate who can fill in their company's vacancy. However, after attending SL1M pnb ib, my perception changed. Some of the trainers are outstanding and inspiring.i've learnt a lot of things in this prgram. Some of the topics might not related to my background of study,but the knowledge i get is definitely useful for my everyday fact,i think some of the topic like 'cents and sensibility' should be done at undrgraduate level,provided by the university itself.before venturing into working world,our graduates should be financially aware or able to plan their salary expenditure. Other than that,i was impressed by a number of trainers who did perform very well in their topic. I regret that i couldnt recall any of my school teachers who have taught me in such enjoyable environment. What i remember was,i did felt terribly unhappy when certain teacher came in and teach us.they threaten us,scold,or even shout at us-if they didnt satisfied with our performance.they dont left any inspiring character in my memory.provided the fact that i didnt hv much interest in their subjects,i couldnt get good result.i was demotivated and unable to make improvement.i hv to bear the pain to be left behind.all in all,i live in misery at tht moment. so when i met jude,madam kit and others at pnb,i feel its a bless to be in their class.the opportunity to be selected for the prgram is already a gift from i didnt regret or feel sorry for my unemployment bfore this.if u feel that you havent got anything you asked frm THE GOD, JUST BE PATIENT.HE'S PLANNING SOMETHING BETTER FOR YOU,MUCH MORE VALUABLE THAN WHAT U'VE ASKED FROM HIM.TQ ALLAH.ALHAMDULILLAH.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love versus Lust

young couple who are not married by law,but act like husband n wife,thats lust.lust brings variety of social ills,resulting in unwanted pregnancy,and the worst is baby dumping cases. I've known a so-called-religious 'friend' who happen to hv a split the public,he is a religious scholar,an imam at his hometown,an even a trusted well-trained son.his fb status was all religous recently. What makes me sick is that,i know him quite well that he doesnt hv the right to give advice as he himself is already 'contaminated' by social ills or in malay we simply call 'tak layak nk ckp pasal agama'. Dont get me wrong.i didnt mean that the only person who can talk about islam is the ustaz or ustazah.what i actually mean is,please dont criticize socially-ill-women in ur fb status while u're the one who actually 'ruin' them! Get what i mean? I can say this because i know him.i even date him in the past.i feel grateful that our relationship doesnt work out.god had saved me from a crocodile,or a so-called religious malay we call it 'alim2 kuceng' hehe.