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Thursday, November 3, 2011

last day of bangauing ever

tonite would be the last day i want to blame others over my miserable life.i blame my dad who didnt allow me to play with other kids at my dad was so furious and unreachable.i only talked to him about few things in a month. There was a huge gap among,i want to blame my highschool teachers who were emotional n uninspiring.i was more terrified than motivated to learn in certain critical subjects.i havent perform very well in that subjects and my mom compared my result to my that time,i was too sad to celebrate my good achievement in other subjects. When i was at university to pursue my 1st dgree,i felt so much relieved coz i think i get my life back.i took charge on my money,my activities,my courses and my friends.i no longer under the watchful eyes of my family especially my parents. I blame my family for not giving enough room to make my own decision in life.i blame the people who said i am fat,i've gain weight or watever.i bounce that irritating n hurtfull remarks on them.i hope they will turn out to be wat they hv critisize.or even worst. Ok this is the final day of bangauing ever.after 0:00 am today,i will take charge of myself.take responsibilities of my failures and optimistic in achieving my goals.i forgive who ever hv insulted me,make me angry,break my heart or critisize me.this is the final day of bangauing ever.

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