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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love versus Lust

young couple who are not married by law,but act like husband n wife,thats lust.lust brings variety of social ills,resulting in unwanted pregnancy,and the worst is baby dumping cases. I've known a so-called-religious 'friend' who happen to hv a split the public,he is a religious scholar,an imam at his hometown,an even a trusted well-trained son.his fb status was all religous recently. What makes me sick is that,i know him quite well that he doesnt hv the right to give advice as he himself is already 'contaminated' by social ills or in malay we simply call 'tak layak nk ckp pasal agama'. Dont get me wrong.i didnt mean that the only person who can talk about islam is the ustaz or ustazah.what i actually mean is,please dont criticize socially-ill-women in ur fb status while u're the one who actually 'ruin' them! Get what i mean? I can say this because i know him.i even date him in the past.i feel grateful that our relationship doesnt work out.god had saved me from a crocodile,or a so-called religious malay we call it 'alim2 kuceng' hehe.

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