mari melabur dengan SSPN-i Plus!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

makan faveret semasa di kolej

td lepas jumpa farah kt masjid jamek singgah pasaraya hero sekejap.supermarket is one of my favorite places.because i love to cook.hehe.perut sgt lapar sbb blum lunch.jalan2 kt frozen ternampak yogurt.gulp.this is memorabilia.haha.msa kolej dlu yogurt benda wajib beli kalau keluar.kalau nk msk kt kolej mst spageti bolognese.dapnye..huhu.husna n rumet,nadrah,ayin,meor,edah,jijah da rasa spgeti.kwan2,rindu korg.bila lg dpt betemu.nt bila da kawin i jemput korg mkn2 kt uma ek.kita wat hi-tea.hehe.harapnye xlama lg tcpai hasrat.amin.

in 2 years time...

1.i'm married. 2.ready to bring my family and in-laws to mekah for umrah. 3.graduate with master in Tesl. 4.bmi 20.hehe 5.earning 10k per in a decent house at bukit serdang-saw in newspaper.or possibly settle down in sabah.7.ride a forte. Insyaallah.

do this life gets a lot better if we happen to have a looottt of money?

can we buy happiness? People say can't but i definitely say yes. Why? In order to be happy,one has to live in a comfortable house,get a nice car and spend for holidays.the cost of raising kids are nowadays way too expensive.with the economy now,people have to struggle to make ends meet. For example now,i hv to be extra carefull in spending to save about 3k for masters.on top of that,i really wanted to move in to another house that is better.i want to buy this and that.i want to go for a holiday.i want to get Married! Money its definitely important for your happines but don't make it a priority. :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

describe the person you love most :')

1.when he's not around,i feel lonely and a bit upset. Meaning that,i think the love he had for me is like the need air every second of your life,isn't it?and when there aren't any,how did you react? 2.when he's around,we fight more than love.thats the beauty of our relationship.i love being hugged and calmed like a little girl. 3.he takes good care about my feelings.never hurt me intentionally.never put anyone before me. 4.i'm completely hungry now and all i can think off is only him.flashing back the memory when we had our meals.he's never selfish nor fussy.can eat at regular place and feels like a 5star restaurant.huhu. I MISS U BABY. really really miss u. :'(

can 1million change a life?

sometimes i get upset for no reason.or at least theres too many things i found out dissappointing,but its relatively vague. To overcome that negative feeling, my mind came out with this idea. Can money change your life?.let say u've just won a million cash.what would you do? The 1st thing i thought was,book a 5star hotel.check in with the person i love other plans will grow from there :D. The money will be use for a decent,modern house,equipped with the latest trend.a fancy car,something like forte will do :).then set up a company that will generate more money.allocate some amount for funding any good business for less fortune amizan's religious institution.donate to lands.plant trees.provide jobs for rural areas. Thats it.the question is,will you be happy if you hv a lot of money?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6 weeks in PNB

wah. its already the sixth week since my 'employment' with PNB T_T remember the 1st day? I was the 1st person who arrived on the 22nd floor.then i went down again 2 wait for others. The 1st two people i saw were hanim and 3minutes we build a friendship and went for breakfast at tabung haji! That was fun.i rarely make friends in a first meet,at least b4, i find it easier to start a conversation with new collegues.