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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

how much preparation you have had to be a wife?

just had a few bites on stimmed fish and a number of dates.ops..forgot to turn off the iron.havent finish working on tomorrow's attire.a bunch of washed clothes are waiting to be hang.should hv started reading fimm notes an hour much things to do after a busy day.yeah its busy coz it has been a week since i went to office by the stupid lrt.very tiring and expensive!bravo to my collegues who had survive for almost 2months using these public transport. With all the responsibilities waiting for me after office hours,i always wonder: if i'm complaining of workloads for one person,how would it be when i suddenly hv additional workloads frm a person called husband.? Nooo..even my clothes are not properly arranged how could i manage another messss..uwa..tired tired!

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