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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

your childhood hobbies, (and still doing it!)

yes! i read books since i was at the primary school. still remember the times when my older sister brought home a number of storybooks from the library. charles dicken's, treasure island, fairy tales.. and i'm glad i started young and still doing it. of course, now 'books' are more convenient, you can read it while lying on your bed, with the lights off, ^^, yea..i love my xpress music damn much. i read a lot when i have you darling! apart from reading, what next? CLAY! haha.i used to make cooking pots with these. then when i come across play doh, i made lots of miniature with the age of 24, i got a few little mushrooms on my desk at the office. for me it is an art that not many people understand. :) okay finish with reading and playing play doh, there are also few favorite things that grow up with me. a passion for flowers, fish, dresses, colors and many more! ...i've written mine, and how about you?

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