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Sunday, August 19, 2012

tiffany blue and pink

my favorite color updated!

when i was 19, i love brown so much -coz my ex used to love this color :D i thought the color-or the person who loves this color is maturely ermmmm understanding, caring and unique? bhahaha

when i was a little girl, i love green.......and i spent a lot of time gardening.

at the age of  20, i started to like deep purple..or any purple in general. and i've learnt later that people who love purple are funny! :)

turning 24 in 2012, favorite color changes to tiffany blue and pink!

anyone who wear this looks fabulous!

boys can wear pink, depends on the shades-of his skin tone and the pink itself

couple looks great in tiffany blue coz the color is damn sweet and rare.
today is 1st syawal and i love to see men in baju melayu.everytime i see one, i give the ratings.haha

happy eid everyone. may this raya bring us bunches of love, blessings, and every good things.

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