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Monday, June 4, 2012

First thing to do when you wake up every morning

Salam everyone. What a wonderful morning! I still have cloth on my back A roof to cover my head Fresh Free air to breath a healthy body that can walk, watch tv and cook delicious food for family :P we should be thankful every morning we wake up from our sleep. some people cannot even make it, they died in their sleep (and we dont know what happen in their next chapter -_- ) some people wake up and started to grumble. they have everything but see nothing good. Today I'm glad I'm at home, with my parents, younger brother and sister. The status is partially unemployed, but i'm still happy. mummy and daddy needs me at home, and its my responsibility to take good care of the family. Reminiscing the good old days in CCD,PNB, my heart sank. I love every bit of time i had spent there. :( Previously I posted a picture of a guy standing with his squash racket right? He is my so-called supervisor a.k.a teacher. It is 'is' because I still regard him as my teacher, the one that inspire and guide me to do everything in CCD. He might be cynical and his jokes might hurt in the deepest of your heart, but he is nice the way he is. He has 25 years of experience with PNB and is planning to stay until retirement! I can say that he is a good example of a punctual and dedicated employee. Very passionate in his job and will be more than happy to share his knowledge. Thanks for the lovely present and memorabilia Hope I can work with you again en.lan. Miss CCD so much!


cik husna said...

xpe..pelan2 cr de pluang grab jer..

Mrsjunne said...

baik lah cik husna.hihi