mari melabur dengan SSPN-i Plus!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finally I said goodbye and step out of the cozy office which is also my second home since the internship of SL1M. i thought it was a curse to be a trainee in such a hectic department, at least in the first two months. ", but the fun started to show up when SARA 1Malaysia was due to be launched.At PWTC and TAnjong Karang. i LOve to be outdoor. (for some reason, i think that is what i meant to be, an active outdoor employee!) then.. I started to prepare the MC text, mc text and mc text.memo's, official letter, BQ-bill of quantity, tender evaluation n etc. ................. minggu saham at kota kinabalu, sabah. where i develop fancy feelings for my colleagues hahah and now all i can remember is the farewell and definitely the best days throughout the internship. all the hardship, the pain i've gone through were replaced by the best positive feelings.
i miss u guys, truly,madly,deeply.

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