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Saturday, October 29, 2011

describe the person you love most :')

1.when he's not around,i feel lonely and a bit upset. Meaning that,i think the love he had for me is like the need air every second of your life,isn't it?and when there aren't any,how did you react? 2.when he's around,we fight more than love.thats the beauty of our relationship.i love being hugged and calmed like a little girl. 3.he takes good care about my feelings.never hurt me intentionally.never put anyone before me. 4.i'm completely hungry now and all i can think off is only him.flashing back the memory when we had our meals.he's never selfish nor fussy.can eat at regular place and feels like a 5star restaurant.huhu. I MISS U BABY. really really miss u. :'(

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