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Saturday, October 29, 2011

can 1million change a life?

sometimes i get upset for no reason.or at least theres too many things i found out dissappointing,but its relatively vague. To overcome that negative feeling, my mind came out with this idea. Can money change your life?.let say u've just won a million cash.what would you do? The 1st thing i thought was,book a 5star hotel.check in with the person i love other plans will grow from there :D. The money will be use for a decent,modern house,equipped with the latest trend.a fancy car,something like forte will do :).then set up a company that will generate more money.allocate some amount for funding any good business for less fortune amizan's religious institution.donate to lands.plant trees.provide jobs for rural areas. Thats it.the question is,will you be happy if you hv a lot of money?

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