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Sunday, July 8, 2012

yesterday was a big day for my best school mate. Farah zaihan and uda, congrats and live happily ever after ;) yesterday was also my very first long journey as a driver.jengka-kuantan is a long way to go. hahaha. i'm so nervous but everything went well. thanks to my brother who was assigned to pick up any calls and read my text messages while i'm busy handling the wheels. i don't recommend anyone using their mobile phone while driving, that's the number 1 rule in my driving life. NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING! so this tuesday would be my second travel to kl,with daddy's car. travelling with a public transport nowadays could be very tiring and time consuming. i'm tired of cursing while waiting for my ktm to arrive, because it took years to come at the station and when it arrived, it is fully loaded! thanks to my mum who never get tired of pushing me to the fullest :P she is the one who makes me driving with my trembling reluctance didn't stop her in any way.near or far, in the rain or under the hot sun, and i gradually become confident. no pain no gain! adios


FaRaH ZaiHaN said...

dear..thanx sebb datang majlis and thanx a lot for the fabulous gift..^^

Mrsjunne said...

alahai syg..lamanya br perasan awknye komen.c? boleh agak kan bpe lama dh x blogging..

hehe anyway congrats.have a happy u xoxo